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Tips To Invest In Gold

What are some of the top steps to invest in gold?

Many investors are intrigued by gold, horrified by inflation and government spending, and wonder if they should have a substantial part of their portfolio invested in gold?

#1. Pick your poison.

The first thing to decide is how exactly you plan on investing in gold, ie buying gold bullion, buying gold coins, buying gold futures and options, actually investing in a gold mining company, or buying gold jewelry.

Realize that in particular when it comes to buying gold bullion, buying gold coins or buying jewelry, there is a significant amount of markup that you will pay.

Buying gold bullion is typically the cheapest. YOU can obtain it by paying approximately 5 to 8 percent over spot prices.

When you buy gold coins, however, particularly numismatic collectibles, you may pay as high as 50 percent commission.

Coins valued primarily for their gold value, like Kuggerands may be cheaper, but remember, when you sell, you’ll often take a loss. You may want to choose a company like Goldco to help you with your purchase. There is a Goldco review that can help you get a lot more information about them as a company.

Hold onto it

Because you normally pay a lot, and often lose when you sell, hang on to your gold for a long time.

Unless you have the financial wherewithal to buy a lot of gold and can sell it for industrial purposes such as making computer motherboards, then you want to buy your gold and hang on to it for emergencies.

If three is a worldwide financial depression, and dollars go the way of Deuce Marks immediately after World War II when it took a wheelbarrow full to buy most products,
those gold coins, although valuable, may not be as valuable as you think.

However, if there is such a collapse, a gold coin may buy you a rifle to protect yourself and your family, or to shoot your own food.

Consider where to keep it

There are two ways general ways to invest in gold. One way is take physical possession of the gold and the other way is to have it stored at at a gold depository.

If you take physical possession of it, the more gold you have, the tougher it gets to store it.

On the other hand, if you store it in a depository, what makes you sure that they won’t simply confiscate your gold if there is a collapse? Both are quite risky.

The historical price of gold?

Since 2012, gold has gone as low as $1600 an ounce. In 2021, the price of gold has risen to $1894 per ounce. So that’s a definite increase. However, plan on losing a minimum of 5 percent or more if you sell your gold.

And considering that analysts predict the price of gold will drop to near 2012 prices by 2026, gold doesn’t look to be such a great investment.

Be cautions

Buy small pieces of gold bullion or gold coins to use as trade during a major financial collapse, but other than that, gold is not so hot an investment.

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How To Choose The Right Diaper Bag

Choosing the best diaper bag backpack for your needs sometimes proves more difficult than imagined. Many brands and styles of diaper bags add to the headaches parents face when choosing this product. However, the diaper bag is one of the most used products a parent owns.


Diaper bags provide parents with a carry-all for baby’s necessities, most specifically, diapers and wipes. Of course, modern diaper bags offer more space and more features for busy parents. The right diaper bag simplifies outings with a baby or toddler.


Many diaper bag choices cause some parents unease when shopping for this product. No two diaper bags offer the same exact features or functions and so, proper research is essential. Make sure you buy the best diaper bag for your specific needs with help from the following information.


How Will You use the Diaper Bag?


Think about how you’ll use the diaper bag before jumping into the endless choices out there. Do not buy a diaper bag simply because you like the style when other features do not surpass expectations.


For example, will the diaper bag be used during endless outdoor days with the baby in the stroller? Are you the parent of multiples? Need a diaper bag with bottle storage?


Always consider the way that you’ll use the diaper bag before purchase. This information helps you find the diaper bag most suited to your specific needs and of course, those of your bundle of joy!


Functionality is most important when selecting a diaper bag. Choose a bag that grows with baby and one that offers mommy/daddy space.


And of course you need to make sure you are taking care of your feet. If you are having problem with crusty feet, you may want to checkout this selection of ionic foot baths to see which one is right for your needs.




Color, design, and diaper bag material affect the overall style and appearance of the bag. Styles suited for boys, girls, and gender-neutral styles exist. Some diaper bags look less-mommy than others, so style truly is a matter of personal preference.




Diaper bag prices reflect their quality. Expect cheaper bags to rip, tear, or wear out much sooner than more expensive bags. With this in mind, quality, yet affordable, diaper bags do exist for parents willing to research and find them.


Diaper Bag Features


Once you decide how the diaper bag will be used, it’s time to look at bags and consider their features. Basic diaper bags feature one or two pockets but lack in style. Designer bags usually offer parents the best of both worlds. Consider the diaper bag material, the space inside, the type of pockets on the bag, and its cleanability!


Some of the luxury diaper bags offer additional features like stroller clips, changing pads, and insulated pockets if spending a little more don’t hurt your budget.


Type of Diaper Bag (Backpack)


Just like other bags, diaper bags come in assorted shapes and styles, including:


  • Tote bags
  • Messenger bags
  • Backpack-style bags

Tote-style diaper bags offer the most room, but with this space comes challenges for some parents. Many parents prefer the messenger-style bag if they take short outings with baby, while backpack style diaper bags suit outdoorsy, busy-body parents.


The most important thing parents should remember when choosing a diaper bag is their overall impression of the bag. If you don’t like the bag, do not buy it; it’s just that simple.

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Facts About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you have contracted any sexually transmitted disease, you do not have to suffer in silence. STDs are relatively common these days but the good news is that most of them are easy to cure. Below are some things you ought to know about STDs.

Symptoms in Men
Most STDs come with symptoms that let you know that all is not well with your genital or reproductive system. For men, the most common signs of sexually transmitted diseases are difficulty in urination, pain during urination or a burning sensation when you are urinating. In some cases, STDs come with a discharge from the penis. If you notice any of the symptoms above, you should consult a qualified medical practitioner immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms in Women
Sexually transmitted disease in women come with some of the symptoms below. The patient may notice pain during intercourse or painful urination. In some cases, there may be blisters in the genital area. Other signs of STDs in women include virginal itching, burning sensation during urination and virginal discharge. Note that the vagina is an organ that has the ability to clean itself naturally. For this reason, some women may experience a virginal discharge that has nothing to do with a sexually transmitted disease. However, it is not safe to take things for granted. If you notice an unusual virginal discharge, the right move is to consult a medical doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Testing for STDs
The tests for sexually transmitted diseases include a high vagina swab, (for women) a urine test (men and women) or a urethra smear (for men). Other tests include a blood test, a urinalysis or a simple physical examination of the genitals. Sometimes, the most accurate test for a sexually transmitted disease is the culture and sensitivity test. This test identifies the pathogen you are dealing with and makes it easy to find out the drugs that can cure the ailment.

Complications Arising From STDs
Most sexually transmitted diseases can be treated with a course of antibiotics. However, some of these diseases are caused by pathogens that are drug-resistant. In this case, repeated treatment or a combination of powerful drugs are required to cure the disease. The earlier a sexually transmitted disease is treated, the better the chances of a permanent cure. In cases where the disease is not treated on time, there may be complications. Improperly treated or untreated STDs can lead to low sperm count, sterility or barrenness in women.

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The best way to prevent STDs is to practice safe sex. In this context, the best practices are abstinence and mutual fidelity with your partner. Finally, sexually active people should use condoms to prevent STDs.

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What You Need To Know About STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are quite common. Every year about 20 million new STD cases are reported in the United States. Individuals who have sexual relations with an STD infected person are at higher risk. It is possible to lower this risk by using a condom. However, this preventative method does not guarantee that you will not become infected if you have sex with a person who has STD. It is better to avoid sexual relations with any person who may have an STD. A sexual relationship is not the only way STDs spread from one person to another. It can spread in other ways as well.

One problem with some STDs is that the symptoms may appear quite late in the affected person. It may not even appear for a long time. There may be mild symptoms. The signs may resemble symptoms of other diseases. There is a high risk of STD symptoms being overlooked or misdiagnosed. In the meantime, if that person has sexual relations with any other person, those people coming in contact with the infected person are going to contract the infection. For this reason, it is advisable to get tested after every sexual encounter with a person who is suspected to harbor an STD infection. The advantage of early diagnosis is that some types of STDs can be treated successfully. It is important to avoid sexual listener-ship with another person until the test report confirms there is no STD.

Some of the common STDs include chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, HPV, PID, syphilis, and many others. Chlamydia is the most common STD. It is a curable STD but only when treated early. If left untreated, it can damage the body in many ways. It affects the penile urethra in men and cervix in women. Its symptoms include pain during sex and discharge through the penis or vagina. Most of these STDs are spread through sexual contact with an infected person. The infection can affect body organs like vagina, penis, anus, cervix, urethra, throat and eyes. If the infection is not treated in time, it can develop into a chronic or serious condition where it becomes difficult to treat it. In extreme cases, an STD can even cause the death of the infected person.

It is important to know that not all symptoms of infections and diseases that appear in the sexual organs are STDs. Other types of infections can also occur due to a sexual relationship. For example, urinary tract infections can occur due to intercourse. If you see the symptoms of an STD, you should get tested immediately. There are some home STD testing kits that you can use to test yourself. You can send your biosamples to a lab from home. Many labs offer this facility whereas you send your biosamples to them as instructed and receive your STD test report online at their website.

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The Basics Of Chlamydia

Not all sexually-transmitted diseases affect men and women the same. Chlamydia is one that generally affects women more than men, even though men can act as a carrier for it. The disease attacks the woman’s reproductive system, especially the uterus; this can create permanent damage that can limit her ability to have children later on or cause the potential for ectopic pregnancies, where the fetus forms outside the uterus. While it can affect men, it is usually limited to the urethra and is more likely to make them a carrier of the disease. It is easy enough to prevent through basic protection and can be cured if it is caught early enough.

Most medical services feature a chlamydia website for those seeking assistance in dealing with chlamydia. It can be caught during any sexual act, making it tough to avoid should your partner have it. However, most basic protections can prevent the spread of the disease. Dealing with chlamydia is relatively simple if it is caught soon enough as it can be dealt with through a series of treatments. However, it needs to be caught as quickly as possible, and doing so requires paying attention to what is going on with your body and that of your partner’s considering that you may not even experience the symptoms.

It is possible that you can catch the disease without knowing it; sometimes the symptoms may not appear until a few weeks after you have caught it. Men with it may notice a penile discharge, a burning sensation while urinating, and one or both of their testes may be painful with swelling. Women may experience an abnormal vaginal discharge, a burning sensation while urinating, or even bleeding between periods. However, if they are infected in their rectum then they may experience a discharge, bleeding, or rectal pain. Should you or your partner notice any of these symptoms then you should schedule an appointment with your doctor.

If you suspect that you may have the disease then there is always a chlamydia website that you can go to in order to find a testing site. The doctor will ask for either a urine sample or vaginal swab for testing, If you have it you should at least debate not having intercourse until you are cured in order to avoid spreading it. Keep in mind that you can be re-infected at a later date, so you may want to figure out from whom you caught it, especially as it can result in infertility in men and women.

Chlamydia can lead to some very serious issues if left untreated but it can be hard to detect. As such keep an eye on what happens with your body and that of your partner’s, and you should be able to get cured. Prevention is the best cure, so stay protected during sex and you be able to escape the disease.

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