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How To Choose The Right Diaper Bag

Choosing the best diaper bag backpack for your needs sometimes proves more difficult than imagined. Many brands and styles of diaper bags add to the headaches parents face when choosing this product. However, the diaper bag is one of the most used products a parent owns.


Diaper bags provide parents with a carry-all for baby’s necessities, most specifically, diapers and wipes. Of course, modern diaper bags offer more space and more features for busy parents. The right diaper bag simplifies outings with a baby or toddler.


Many diaper bag choices cause some parents unease when shopping for this product. No two diaper bags offer the same exact features or functions and so, proper research is essential. Make sure you buy the best diaper bag for your specific needs with help from the following information.


How Will You use the Diaper Bag?


Think about how you’ll use the diaper bag before jumping into the endless choices out there. Do not buy a diaper bag simply because you like the style when other features do not surpass expectations.


For example, will the diaper bag be used during endless outdoor days with the baby in the stroller? Are you the parent of multiples? Need a diaper bag with bottle storage?


Always consider the way that you’ll use the diaper bag before purchase. This information helps you find the diaper bag most suited to your specific needs and of course, those of your bundle of joy!


Functionality is most important when selecting a diaper bag. Choose a bag that grows with baby and one that offers mommy/daddy space.


And of course you need to make sure you are taking care of your feet. If you are having problem with crusty feet, you may want to checkout this selection of ionic foot baths to see which one is right for your needs.




Color, design, and diaper bag material affect the overall style and appearance of the bag. Styles suited for boys, girls, and gender-neutral styles exist. Some diaper bags look less-mommy than others, so style truly is a matter of personal preference.




Diaper bag prices reflect their quality. Expect cheaper bags to rip, tear, or wear out much sooner than more expensive bags. With this in mind, quality, yet affordable, diaper bags do exist for parents willing to research and find them.


Diaper Bag Features


Once you decide how the diaper bag will be used, it’s time to look at bags and consider their features. Basic diaper bags feature one or two pockets but lack in style. Designer bags usually offer parents the best of both worlds. Consider the diaper bag material, the space inside, the type of pockets on the bag, and its cleanability!


Some of the luxury diaper bags offer additional features like stroller clips, changing pads, and insulated pockets if spending a little more don’t hurt your budget.


Type of Diaper Bag (Backpack)


Just like other bags, diaper bags come in assorted shapes and styles, including:


  • Tote bags
  • Messenger bags
  • Backpack-style bags

Tote-style diaper bags offer the most room, but with this space comes challenges for some parents. Many parents prefer the messenger-style bag if they take short outings with baby, while backpack style diaper bags suit outdoorsy, busy-body parents.


The most important thing parents should remember when choosing a diaper bag is their overall impression of the bag. If you don’t like the bag, do not buy it; it’s just that simple.