How Lee Beaman Uses His Success to Influence and Support the Nashville Area

Lee Beaman is an influential and successful individual in the Nashville, Tennessee area. If you live in Nashville, or have visited the great city, the chances are good you’ve seen or heard his name, since it is sprinkled all over town and in local publications. But do you know who Lee Beaman is and how he became such an influential and important person in Nashville?
Family Man Lee Beaman

Lee Beaman built a very successful business, the Beaman Automotive Group. Since building his business, he has used the wealth he has accumulated to support causes that are important to him, both in Nashville and across the country. This support has come in the form of donations to nonprofit organizations, serving on the board for various groups, funding various conservative politicians, and working to make political change in his community.It is no surprise that Beaman feel so involved and connected with the Nashville area; he grew up in Nashville, graduated from the University of Tennessee in Nashville, and has lived in the Nashville area ever since. His ties and commitment to the community have led him to make a positive impact on the lives of many people who live in the area.

Beaman Automotive Group

The Beaman Automotive Group has been serving the Nashville community since 1961. Beaman put his heart and soul into building this business and helping it prosper. Lee Beaman is the both the Chairman and CEO for the Beaman Automotive Group.

The group, a network of car dealerships, has four different locations across the Nashville area. They offer both used and new vehicles from many well-known car manufacturers. Jeep, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, GMC, Buick, Scion, and Chrysler are among the different vehicle types you could find at one of the Beaman Automotive Dealership locations.

Lee Beaman’s ties and investments in the Nashville area helped shape his business practices. The company works hard to support the community through their positive business practices, support for their employees, and community service projects. When you visit their website and read their mission and vision statements, you’ll see that they put a high premium on earning and keeping the trust of their customers, employees, and the community in general.

Because of the ways they conduct business, the Beaman Automotive Group is an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have also earned at A+ rating from the BBB.

Awards and Recognition for Success and Excellence in Business

His success in running the Beaman Automotive Group has led Lee Beaman to be nominated for a wide variety of awards. He has been selected to receive multiple awards including the Top 20 Employers in Tennessee Award, the Better Business Bureau’s Ambassador of the Year Award, the Junior Achievement Free Enterprise Recognition Award, and the National and Tennessee American Business Ethics Awards.

Beaman’s company, the Beaman Automotive Group, was selected as one of the best places to work in Tennessee, which is why he was awarded the Top 20 Employers in Tennessee Award.

The Better Business Bureau’s Ambassador of the Year Award is presented to businesses that demonstrate that exemplify character and principals in their interactions with employees and customers. Lee Beaman was honored with this award in 2007 for his admirable business practices.

The Junior Achievement Free Enterprise Recognition Award is presented by the Junior Achievement Organization of Middle Tennessee for individuals who donate $10,000 or more to group. Junior Achievement is local group that offers programs for the students of Tennessee aimed at helping them learn and develop financial literacy skills and other important qualities that will help them succeed in their future endeavors.

Finally, Beaman was also presented with the National and Tennessee American Business Ethics Award. He was presented with this award because of the civic and social responsibility displayed by the Beaman Automotive Group. His company meet all the standards needed to demonstrate that they were an ethical company who values their employees and treats them with respect.

Involvement in the Community and Charitable Donations

Lee Beaman

Lee Beaman tries to use his money to make a difference in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Over the years, he has made significant donations to different community projects and initiatives.

Both Belmont University and Lipscomb University in Nashville has buildings named after Lee Beaman because of the donations he made to help fund construction projects on campus.

Belmont University needed a new Student Life Center, and Beaman’s donation helped make it possible for the University to complete the construction for this new building. The building is now named the Beaman Student Life Center.

Lee Beaman also used his wealth to help fund an important construction project at Lipscomb University. The school was in need of a new library, and Beaman’s donation allowed the construction project to be completed. The library is now called the Beaman Library.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Stain Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville is called the Beaman Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because of the generous donation Lee Beaman made to help fund the new unit. His donation has helped make a difference in the lives of so many premature babies born at the hospital.

Lee Beaman’s contributions to the Nashville community involve so much more than financial contributions. Beaman also believes in donating his time to the betterment of the community as a whole and organizations he views as essential.

Over the years, Beaman has served as chairman of different organizations including the Nashville Symphony, the Boy Scouts of America: Middle Tennessee Council, and the Americans for Prosperity in Tennessee. As chairman of these different organizations, Beaman helped enact change in the community.

He has also been involved with many different organizations in the area and sat on the board of many of these groups, including:

  • The Nashville Area Red Cross
  • The Beacon Center of Tennessee
  • Belmont University
  • The Salvation Army
  • Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
  • The Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Art
  • The Tennessee Federation of Children
  • The US Civil Rights Commission State Advisory Council
  • The American Heart Association
  • The Montgomery Bell Academy
  • Men of Valor
  • The Beaman Foundation

Support for Conservative Politicians and Initiatives

Lee Beaman Divorced

Lee Beaman is, and has been, very involved in politics. He is a conservative who works hard to use his wealth and resources to push a conservative political agenda, both in Tennessee and on a more national level.

In 2013, Beaman used his resources to oppose an initiative proposed by the Democratic Mayor of Nashville, Karl Dean. Dean had proposed only allowing buses to travel in the center lanes of the streets on one of the cities busiest routes. Beaman was among those who thought this was a poor idea that would only make traffic in the city worse than it already was.

Beaman made a $10,000 donation to the StopAmp movement that was working to oppose the mayor’s proposition. Soon after Beaman made the donation, the mayor dropped the policy initiative.

Many in the area credit Beaman’s donation as being one of the reasons behind the mayor’s policy reversal. Beaman was even given the title of “Newsmaker of the Year” by the Nashville Journal because of his involvement in supporting the StopAmp movement and preventing the mayor’s policy proposal to go into effect.

Another conservative cause that Beaman finds very important is the issue of school choice. Beaman strongly supports the use of school vouchers to provide students and families with a choice about which public school their child should attend.

Beaman wrote an opinion article in 2019 for the Tennessean with the title “School Choice Means School Success.” His article shares his position that a voucher program can help ensure that children from all schools are given the opportunity to receive a quality education. He believes a voucher program will help benefit students from under performing schools by giving them the chance to attend a better school that will lead to new opportunities in life.

Beaman has made political contributions to the campaigns of many different conservative politicians over the years, both on a local and national level. He has donated to presidential candidates including John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump. The campaigns for Brandon Ogles, Bob Corker, and Marsha Blackburn also benefited from contributions from Lee Beaman.

An Influential Character in Lee Beaman’s Drive for Greatness

Lee Beaman credits much of his success to the example set by his father, Alvin Beaman. Alvin Beaman was another hard-working individual who made financially sound decisions that helped him acquire great wealth and influence in the Nashville area; get more Lee Beaman information.

Alvin Beaman first moved to Nashville in 1936. His reason for moving to the area was to become an investor in a 7 Up bottling and distribution franchise. After just a few years as one of the investors in the franchise, Alvin was able to buy out all of the other investors.

Beaman went on to purchase additional franchises, including a Dodge-Plymouth franchise in 1945 and a regional bottling and distribution Pepsi franchise in 1959. Beaman was also the owner of half of the radio station known as WKDF today. He sold his ownership of the station and used the money from the sale to become a founding investor in Nashville’s CBS affiliate TV station.

Lee Beaman’s connections to the city of Nashville, Tennessee have allowed him to use his power, wealth, and resources to work to enact change in the city. His success through his business, the Beaman Automotive Group, has helped him make financial contributions to different organizations and political causes he finds important. In doing so, Beaman has had an impact on the lives of many people in the Nashville area.